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Current Grade Highest Completed Education Level
Grade 8 and below
Grade 9
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Grade 11
Grade 12
TIA Online course(s) for which you are registering *
Geography of Canada (Grade 9)
Learning Strategies (Grade 9)
English (Grade 9)
Sience (Grade 9)
Principles of Mathematics 9 (Grade 9)
Healthy Active Living Education (Grade 9)
Introduction to Business (Grade 10)
Civics and Citizenship (Grade 10)
Canadian History (Grade 10)
English (Grade 10)
Career Studies (Grade 10)
Principles of Mathematics 10 (Grade 10)
Science (Grade 10)
Visual Arts Photography (Grade 11)
Media Studies (Grade 11)
English (Grade 11)
Introduction to Computer Science (Grade 11)
Functions (Grade 11)
Biology (Grade 11)
Chemistry (Grade 11)
Physics (Grade 11)
International Business (Grade 12)
Business Leadership (Grade 12)
Management Fundamentals
Analyzing Current Economic Issue (Grade 12)
Challenge and Change in Society (Grade 12)
English (Grade 12)
Writer's Craft (Grade 12)
Computer Science (Grade 12)
Advanced Function (Grade 12)
Data Management (Grade 12)
Calculus and Vectors (Grade 12)
Biology (Grade 12)
Chemistry (Grade 12)
Physics (Grade 12)
Ontario Literacy Course (Grade 12)
English as a Second Language Level 1 (ESL)
English as a Second Language Level 2 (ESL)
English as a Second Language Level 3 (ESL)
English as a Second Language Level 4 (ESL)
English as a Second Language Level 5 (ESL)
School Fee - Please read the following carefully before you submit this application form.
  • Upon registration of our E-School program, a full academic tuition (including registration and course fees) must be paid
  • Once the registration is complete, NO REFUND will be issued, even if, a student withdrows from the program
Supporting Documents
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