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Laura Gavrila, OCT

Student Counselor, Teacher

Faculty of Education: OISE / University of Toronto

Teachables: English, Politics

Additional Qualifications: ESL, Special Education

Since 2011, I have worked at TIA and have had the opportunity to teach a variety of ESL and English subjects, including college, university common subjects. One of the most enjoyable things in my teaching is working with international students. This is because improving students' English is one of the most rewarding aspects of English language teaching.

Bilal Haj-Bakri, OCT, B.Ed., M.A.

Student Counsellor, Teacher

Faculty of Education: (OISE), University of Toronto

Teachables: ESL, English, Social Sciences

After joining TIA, I taught English, Careers and Civics, and Nutrition. Being a teacher is a gratifying experience because teachers witness the fruits of their labour in the growth of their students. As a guidance counsellor, I am able to help students plan for the rest of their lives. I am passionate about integrating interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving in the classroom. The future of education is in the cultivation of critical thinkers and global citizens. Through culturally-relevant pedagogy and differentiated learning, we can create leaders for future generations.

Ilona Yu, M.A.

Administrative Assistant, Student Counsellor

Faculty of Education: Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Teachables: Mandarin

Additional Qualifications: Master of Arts, German as a Foreign Language

I majored in Teaching Foreign Languages, graduated from the University in Germany. Working as an Administrative Assistant and a Student counsellor, I'm helping students with their needs on a daily basis. And I am also providing Mandarin course at TIA. I am passionate about teaching and exceptionally creative in my approach. I look forward to enjoying a great term with the students and improve together to be a better individual!

Jennifer Xuan , OCT, NYSTED, M.Ed., CHRP


Faculty of Education: University of Waterloo

Teachables: Business, English, (general)

I am proud to be the Business and Science teacher at TIA. I hold a degree in Economics, which allows me to teach a variety of subjects. My experience thus far has been very rewarding for both myself and the learners I have encountered. It is truly inspiring to watch the students at TIA grow academically and reach their greatest potential as members of society!

Vera Yu, OCT, MSc

Teacher & E-School Manager

Faculty of Education: University of Ottawa

Teachables: Online, Mathematics, Science

I have been with TIA since 2015 as a mathematics and science teacher. I am a proud graduate of the University of Waterloo with a Master of Mathematics for Teachers and a Bachelor of Mathematics degree. I have also trained and hold a certification in adult education and online teaching facilitator. I have taught in an aboriginal community in northern Ontario for two years and in northern China for three years prior to teaching at TIA. I always have a lot of interesting stories to share!

Rachel Nguyen, B.Ed, M.A. Applied Linguistics

Teacher, Student Counselor

Faculty of Education: Concordia University

Teachables: ESL, English Literacy Course, Vietnamese

I am proud to be a teacher at TIA. I hold a degree in Applied Linguistics and have experience in teaching ESL and IELTS courses for international students. Being a student counselor at TIA, I am passionate about providing students with all the help and guidance they need to achieve their academic goals.

Kritika Kajla, OCT Teacher & Tutor


Faculty of Education: BSc., MSc., BEd. & OCT

Teachables: Science, Chemistry, Biology, Health Education, ESL and IELTS

Additional Qualifications: Education Law -ETFO, Teaching & Learning Through e-Learning- ETFO

I am an Ontario-certified teacher with 10+ years of comprehensive teaching experience. An educator who is motivated to transform students' academic lives by implementing successful strategies that help them develop holistically. Over the years, I have taught international students and improvised my teaching and student assessment skills. I use an easy-to-understand vocabulary and try to involve daily life scenarios while teaching Biology and Chemistry which help the students to comprehend the concepts well. Using different audio-visual aids has helped me create an effective teaching-learning environment. *Additional Basic Qualification- Senior Science (Gen) - Queen's University, Classroom Management - Queen's University, Safe & Accepting Schools - Queen's University, Student Assessment & Evaluation -York University

Paul Makkar, M.Ed., B.Sc.,


Faculty of Education: Medaille College of Education, Ryerson University (Science)

Teachables: Math and Science

Additional Qualifications: Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry (BSc) - Masters of Science in Adolescent Education

Math and Science for Grades 9 & 10 Chemistry and Physics for Grades 9 & 10 Grade 11 Functions Grade 12 Advanced Functions Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors AP Calculus AP Physics AP Chemistry

Michael Daniel Stolarski, OCT, B.Ed., BSc. TESOL/TESOL-advanced English


Faculty of Education: OISE / Brock University

Teachables: Online, English, Biology, Chemistry, Science (General)

I am a proud science teacher and role model here at TIA, and look forward to continuing my journey in education at TIA. I hold degrees in both education and science with a focus on biology, enjoy teaching lower-level mathematics, and have acquired TESOL/TESOL-advanced English teaching certifications. In addition, I have a few years of experience teaching online courses as well. I am very passionate about all aspects of science and connecting these topics to the real world. It has been a pleasure thus far watching TIA students grow and achieve their goals!

Nehaben Trivedi, OCT, B.Ed., MSc


Faculty of Education: Master of Science

Teachables: Physics, Mathematics,

I have experience teaching International Baccalaureate along with also being a certified Examiner. I have taught in high school for 4 years and also worked full-time for a year with an NGO for Curriculum Development prior to Joining TIA.

Sandra Serrao, B.A., Digital Marketer & Graphic Designer

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Faculty of Education: B.A, Digital Marketing (University Of Toronto)

Teachables: Technology, Media Studies & Art

Additional Qualifications: University Of Toronto - Digital Marketing & Graphic Design

As a Digital Marketing Coordinator, I am proud to showcase and promote our facility online, in print, and on social media. I am constantly recording and capturing student progress, activities, and events in school. In addition, I also teach subjects like Technology, Media Studies, and Art.

Miriam Anton, OCT, B.Ed., Special Ed.


Faculty of Education: OISE / York University

Teachables: ESL, Social Sciences

Additional Qualifications: ESL, Social Sciences, Politics, History, Food & Nutrition.

I am a passionate educator. I hold degrees in both science and education, with a focus in History and minor in Chemistry. I also enjoy History and Politics, helping students with problem-solving and teaching ESL. I am very passionate about all aspects of science and connecting these topics to the real world. Other passions of mine include; sports and music. I look forward to connecting your passions to history and p[olitics, it has been a pleasure of mine thus far watching my students grow and achieve their goals!

Nick Cruise, OCT, B.Ed., B.A


Faculty of Education: Bachelor of Arts degree in French/English languages, literature, and linguistics

Teachables: French, English & ESL

Additional Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts degree in French/English languages, literature, and linguistics, a Bachelor of Educ

I have taught French and English in Canadian high schools for 4 years. I have also had recent success in teaching ESL online. I have a strong knowledge of grammar, and the ability to perceive a learner’s strengths/weaknesses. In my spare time, I enjoy fitness, cooking, philosophy, yoga, and travel!

Chris Kim, OCT, M.Sc in Physics


Faculty of Education: OCT, M.Sc in Physics

Teachables: Math and Physics

I hold an M.Sc in Physics and have about 10 years of experience tutoring/teaching both mathematics and physics. I am an OCT-certified teacher.

Merhan Jamshidian, B.Ed, M.Sc


Faculty of Education:

Teachables: Physics, Advance Functions, Calculus & Vectors, Data Management

I graduated in applied mathematics. I have been teaching for 30 years, my favorite topics are math (all subjects) and physics. I like to help my students to look for new ways to find a better strategy to solve problems and improve in analyzing problems.

Alysha Shoemaker, MT., HBA


Faculty of Education: University of Toronto, English Studies and Theology

Teachables: English, Social Science, IELTS & SAT Preparation, Business & Writers Craft

I have been an educator for over five years, teaching students at the intermediate/senior level. In my most recent year of working in the field of pedagogy, I was given the opportunity to be the department head for studies in English at a private university preparatory institution. At the secondary school level, I have tutored students in preparation for the OSSLT and IELTS. I strongly believe in the importance of being a lifelong learner and teaching from the heart. I am passionate about making all students feel included, comfortable, and safe during the learning process, particularly while teaching about sensitive topics. My philosophy of teaching and learning is to make all educational experiences exciting, inspiring, and inclusive.

Harmandeep Sandhu, Teacher


Faculty of Education: M.A Technology in Computer Science Engineering

Teachables: Computer Science and Math

Additional Qualifications: M.A Technology in Computer Science Engineering

I am a highly motivated Graduate Degree holder employing creative teaching strategies to engage students fully in the learning process. I am passionate about teaching and simplifying computer science programs helping students learn the basics all the way to advanced concepts. Driven to inspire students to achieve personal and academic success.