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School is Back in the Fall!!

As per the guidance of the provincial government, TIA will be opening again on September 8, 2020. Classes will be fully offline, in school. TIA is now developing a weekly schedule that works best with the school to maintain the advantages that students have always received.


During its operation, the school will also be following all necessary health guidelines and precautions, including:


·         Wearing of masks at all times by students and staff

·         Taking of temperature for staff, students, and visitors (anyone above 37.4 in temp. will not be permitted in the building)

·         Use of sanitizers, Lysol wipes, alcohol sprays, etc

·         Encouraging everyone to wash hands, not touch face, etc

·         Sanitizing of classroom desks/chairs, door knobs, cafeteria desks/chairs, water cooler, etc, by school staff; at least twice a day

·         Encourage students to self-diagnose; urge them to buy thermometers

·         Entering and exiting school according to floor signs

·         Social distancing at all times, as much as possible

o    Classrooms will be organized as per the student seating plan, maintaining a 2m distance between desks

·         Visitors will need to make an appointment to come into the building

·         Separate entrance and exit to minimize student traffic

·         Supervising the lunchroom and enforcing the same safety and health measures as in the rest of the school. Students may also eat at their classroom, under staff supervision

·         Extra-curricular Activities will continue, following the aforementioned safety protocols

·         Minimizing the use of shared appliances and devices (e.g. water dispenser will be unavailable)


Our priority is maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our community and we will continue to abide by government and public health safety guidelines in the 2020-2021 school year.



The school will accommodate any students who wish to study remotely by offering courses at our E-School. E-School students will be entitled to up to four hours of 1-on-1 tutoring with their teacher, which can either be completed in person or on Zoom (an online video-conferencing program).


Returning from Overseas?

Students who are returning to Canada from overseas must take a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine before visiting the school. This is to ensure a safe school environment and to prevent any possible community spread of COVID-19.


If Circumstances Change

In the event that a change in public health circumstances occurs, the school is prepared to implement a blended or fully online model of classes. We will be sure to keep all students updated in this regard.

Posted at 2020-08-13