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Toronto International Academy Reopening

  • It was wonderful to see our amazing staff, students, and school community again after the summer holidays and a long period of self-isolation. Students received their school orientation on Tuesday, September 8th, where our Guidance Counsellor, Bilal Bakri, went over the school rules, graduation requirements, and safety protocols. Every student and staff member at TIA is scanned for their temperature every morning. Everyone must wear a mask, stay socially-distant in classrooms and in the hallway, and be vigilant of their personal health and wellness. Hand-sanitizers and washing stations are available around the school, and all garbage is to be thrown out outside of the school. Desks are also disinfected after every class. 

Our students were very excited to attend their first day back at school. Students quickly adjusted to these new protocols, and everyone is cooperating very well under the new normal conditions. Students felt safe in school, and they couldn't wait to share stories about their summer holidays and to see their friends and teachers again. These may be tough times, but TIA has made student safety and success it's number one priority, and we look forward to a productive and fun year ahead!

Posted at 2020-09-09