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Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020 was a bit different this year with all the safety measures in school. TIA student volunteers did an amazing job in decorating the school with scary decorations to set the mood. As always students were excited to dress up and participate in the Halloween costume contest. The students dressed up as pirates, werewolf etc. The teachers also joined in the fun and participated and came dressed up in costume like Butcher, Cleopatra, Construction worker, Apeman, Skeleton woman etc.

After lunch, the students watched a scary movie and music videos. Later in the afternoon students participate in the activities like the annual Pumpkin carving contest. This year we had 7 pumpkins for the contest. It was very hard for the judges to make a decision as each pumpkin was carved with a lot of detail. All the participants really enjoyed the carving activity. Extra precautions were maintained to ensure students wore masks and gloves while performing the activities.

The business class students had an amazing Halloween bake sale with hot chocolate, brownies, fettuccini crepes, sticky taffy cake, chips and more.  Each student also received a complimentary bag of baked Halloween cookies. TIA, Music club had a few students perform a medley of Halloween songs for the school making this event a total success.

Posted at 2020-10-30