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Dear IELTS test takers,

This is a reminder that your IELTS test is tomorrow, Saturday January 15th.

Please read the following important announcements from the IELTS representatives:


• Please arrive at 8:45AM for registration. Latecomers may not be admitted.

• You must bring your passport to the exam. Photocopies will NOT be accepted. You will not be admitted to your exam if this ID is not present.

• Please do not bring your own pens, pencils, or erasers. They will be provided prior to the test.


As part of the commitment to improving access to IELTS, certain test-takers will be taking the IELTS Speaking test via video calls. You will be notified on test day whether you will be partaking in our speaking test video call session. The examiner will not be in the same room as you are but will speak to you using video-calling technology whilst maintaining our trusted face-to-face human conversation.

There is no change to test content, marking, structure or timing. The security format is exactly the same as for the in-person test.

For more relevant information on IELTS Video Conference Speaking Tests, please visit the following link: https://www.myetc.ca/video-conference-speaking-tests


Your speaking test time may have changed from your original selection. Please check your email or speak to Ms. Rachel about the updated time.

Posted at 2022-01-14