Student Services

Homestay Service

We will find the most suitable homestay family for the student's comfort and safety. Our homestay families speak fluent English at home with the student. Through the homestay program students have a chance to improve their English skills rapidly by fully immersing themselves in the language and culture of Canada.

Homestay costs range from CDN $1400-$1500 every month, depending upon students' requests and choices. Choosing the right Canadian homestay family is of the utmost importance to us. Being placed in a welcoming living environment helps the student excel socially and academically. The host family provides a comfortable living space, nutritious meals, and a stimulating, fun-filled atmosphere. They are a dependable family away from home. There is a placement fee of CDN $250.00 for this service.

At T.I.A., we aim to make education as relevant and meaningful as possible. True language acquisition comes not from textbooks but from real-world experiences. The homestay program allows English language students to step out of the classroom and live in English and Canadian culture. Our proximity to a vibrant world-class city like Toronto also provides students with the opportunity to take part in a wide array of exciting Canadian cultural activities.