Student Services

TIA Optimum Care (University Preparation)

Studying abroad should start with good educational planning.
T.I.A. Optimum Care focuses on International students who plan to attend schools in North America.
International students should realize that acceptance into a postsecondary school is only the beginning of their academic journey and does not guarantee success in the postsecondary school system.

Students need proper guidance to prepare for postsecondary education.
We focus on learning skills necessary for postsecondary success as well as important aspects of postsecondary admissions such as the SAT and TOEFL tests.
T.I.A. Optimum Care can help students set their educational goals and guide them toward pursuing their dreams.



T.I.A. Optimum Care provides the following services:

  1. Recognition of each student's potential and individual learning style
  2. Flexible admission dates, class schedule, and program selections
  3. All-year-round school semesters including Summer and Night School
  4. School Acceptance Letter for Visa Processing
  5. OCT (Ontario College of Teachers) qualified teachers and friendly staff
  6. Timely counseling on student's Post-Secondary educational goal
  7. Consistent monitoring and progress reports keeping parents/guardians informed
  8. Academic Assessment Test and Language Development Program
  9. After School Academic Enhancement Program
  10. Test Preparation courses for TOEFL, SAT, and AP
  11. Guardian service for students 18 years and under