About Us

TIA Philosophy

At Toronto International Academy, our primary goal is to unlock the individual potential of each of our Canadian and International student by providing a stimulating and encouraging learning environment. With small class sizes and high level of student-teacher interaction, our graduates are given a competitive edge in their preparation for the demands of Post-Secondary education.

The advantages that TIA is able to provide stem from the following core values on which the school operates:

Academic Excellence
TIA offers high quality programs that foster positive learning experiences and allow students to strive for academic excellence. The school, furthermore, places the utmost emphasis on the continued progress of teaching methodologies in order to provide students with the highest and most up-to- date educational experience.
The school faculty and administration ensures that every student is nurtured in regard to their intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth, with the goal of making the students responsible and capable young adults.
Student Success

TIA facilitates smooth and successful transitions into post-secondary programs in Canada and around the world, while simultaneously providing a stimulating and encouraging learning environment.

Core Values:
Teaching students values such as respect for all members of the school community, individual self-worth, respect for learning and acceptance of moral standards, and conduct befitting Canadian classrooms.
Community Involvement
The school believes in the importance of students participating in, and being active members of, their community. TIA helps students adapt and integrate into their community, helps them broaden their horizons, and allow them to succeed in all of their future academic and professional endeavors. TIA also guides international students through the Canadian school system, assisting them in adapting comfortably to a new life in Canada.