Cộng đồng của chúng tôi

New province-wide policy on COVID-19.

Dear Students,

Please be advised about the new province-wide policy on COVID-19. If you are experiencing any ONE of the following symptoms:




•Shortness of breath

•Decrease/loss of smell and taste


If you are experiencing any TWO of the following symptoms:

•Sore throat


•Extreme Fatigue

•Runny nose/nasal congestion

•Muscle ache/join pain

•Gastrointestinal Symptoms (e.g. vomiting, diarrhea)

You need to isolate for 5 days (if vaccinated) and 10 days (if unvaccinated). All household members who live with you must ALSO isolate for 5 days and monitor for symptoms.

If you have a Rapid Antigen Test available in your home, you may use it to confirm if you are positive with COVID. If two consecutive Rapid Antigen Tests, taken 24-48 hours apart, are both negative, you are less likely to have a COVID-19 infection. You are therefore advised to self-isolate until you have no fever and all other symptoms are improving for at least 24 hours (or 48 hours if gastrointestinal symptoms).

Please be sure to contact the school right away if you experience any symptoms, and if you need help with instructions.

Thank you.

Posted at 2022-01-19