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TIA Sports Day 2022

On Friday, March 4th, TIA had a fun-filled Sports Day for all students. It was our first time at Canlan Sports since the beginning of the pandemic. Students and staff were extremely excited and participated in various team sports like; tug-of-war, relay racing, badminton, volleyball, and soccer games. There were several medals awarded to Girls in 200 meters won by Gold-Yunchen and Silver-Jaying. Boys in 200 meters won by Gold-Carlson and Silver-Farris. Badminton Championship was won by Gold-August and Silver-Jisung. The event reminded us all of how to be active in a time of reclusion. We hope to make these sporting events more regular in our schedule, especially as the weather gets warmer for Spring. Here is to a healthy and active 2022 at TIA!

Posted at 2022-03-04