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TIA Graduation Ceremony

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, TIA had its annual graduation ceremony! This was a very special graduation event because our previous two ceremonies were online due to COVID-related restrictions. This year, we made sure to invite our 2020 and 2021 graduates to celebrate their past achievements at TIA. It was a joyous occasion with alumni, graduates, and parents. The keynote address was given by our Vice-Principal Martin Melkoumian. We had three valedictorians this year - Jasmattie, Alexandra, and Yousef - and each of them gave a speech addressing graduates. They shared some of their fond memories at TIA and they gave advice to students heading to college and university. The school management also gave awards recognizing academic and civic excellence. Refreshments, including cake, coffee, cookies, and brownies were served. We would like to congratulate all graduates - past and present - for a successful and fun year. We hope that you will find success and joy in your future academic and career journeys. You're free to visit your TIA family at any time. Brighter Futures Together!

Posted at 2022-05-27