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Câu lạc bộ và hoạt động ngoại khoá

TIA has a number of student perks and club activities to encourage student participation in different groups based on their individual interests, goals, and overall personality development.

Field-TripsA fun way for students to experience learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

FREE one to one tutoring with trained students for learners in need of extra help.

Euclid Contest

FREE lessons for the future science/engineering students for the Waterloo Math Contest.

University Fair

An annual trip where the students are able to meet with university representatives.

My Blueprint

My Blueprint is an online education and career planning resource for students. It helps them organize their graduation requirements and work towards achieving their future job opportunities.

My Page

User-friendly online tool for parents to track student progress via TIA website.

School Events

The events are organized by students and take place during all major holidays!

Debate Club

Students learn strategic skills for expressing themselves on current topics while researching, discussing, and analyzing their ideas effectively. 

Chess Club

Strategic games, such as chess, allow students to develop problem-thinking skills and at the same time, have fun!

Cooking Club

Learning cooking methods and trying different recipes with friends and having a good time exploring different cuisines. 

Terry Fox Run

This annual charity event raises money for cancer research and students learn about a Canadian hero.


Developing critical thinking skills is crucial. Following each episode, productive student-led discussions take place.


Taking great pictures takes skill and practice that is what students learn here in this unique and fun club

School Newspaper

The monthly school newspaper is created by students for students.

Academic Assistance Club

Students receive assistants and guidance from their teachers after school with their homework and school assignments.

Music Club

Students get together and play musical instruments in a group performing for the various school events.