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    How Does Night School Work? (View Video)

    Night classes at TIA are offered to all high school students who want to fast-track their studies and are looking for an excellent academic experience. These courses help accommodate students with a more flexible schedule and allow for more effective time management. Night school delivers the same curriculum as daytime classes, in a smaller class setting, during evening hours.

    The benefits of TIA’s Night School include:

    ·    Various courses like English, Mathematics, and Sciences, all crucial for university applicants.

    ·        Great benefit for Gr.11 students, who can get ahead in their studies.

    ·        Great option for night owls, who prefer to study in the evening!

    ·        Focused learning environment and more time with the qualified OCT teachers

    ·        Two night school semesters with three-month duration, starting in September & February

    ·        Credits taken during the night school are treated exactly the same by universities and colleges. * some exceptions for highly competitive university programs

    ·        Seamless transition to live online learning available.