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Toronto International Academy offers a Summer School Program for high school students in grades 9-12 in a wide range of courses such as English, Maths, Science, Business, and more. Our accelerated 4-week Summer School courses will allow students to prepare for a successful fall semester with our personalized services and intensive curriculum.

The benefits of the TIA Summer School program are:

  • Summer school is a great way to upgrade your marks or fast-track your courses.
  • With longer days and more time to focus, summertime is the perfect time to excel in your courses and achieve academic greatness.
  • Summer school classes allow students to successfully prepare for their fall semester.
  • At TIA, our summer school courses are more personalized, with fewer distractions and more time with qualified OCT teachers.
  • We accommodate students who need a more flexible schedule, including students who are online, traveling, or in quarantine.
  • Summer students have full access to our Guidance Counsellors, computer lab, and other student services.
  • Credits taken during the summer are treated exactly the same by universities, and colleges * Some exceptions for highly competitive university programs
  • Seamless transition to live online learning available
  • Open to all high school students including students outside of GTA and Overseas

Whether in person or online, TIA’s Summer School Program is an excellent way to get ahead in your studies and help our students prepare for a better future.

If you are interested in registering with our  Summer School, please click here


July SessionJuly 05-30, 09:30-3:30 PM (Monday-Friday)
August SessionAugust 03-30, 09:30-3:30 PM (Monday-Friday)

Course FEE

$1600 / Local Student**

$2300/ International Student**

*   Each course will be provided with 110 hours of curriculum study

** Courses FEE includes $100 of the Registration Fee (One-Time)

Classes are held on campus in a classroom setting. Due to the pandemic, TIA has implemented new safety measures for students who are unable to make it to school or in case school closures are required by the province. In such a case, Zoom classes or recorded lesson videos are available so that students never miss any material and would be able to attain a school experience as close as possible.

                                                                                                         COURSES AVAILABLE


English as a Second Language, Level 3 (ESLCO)XX
English as a Second Language, Level 4 (ESLDO)XX
English 10 (ENG2D)XX
English 11 (ENG3U)XX
English 12 (ENG4U)XX
Principles of Mathematics (MPM2D)XX
Functions and Applications (MCF3M)XX
Functions 11 (MCR3U)XX
Introduction to Computer Science (ICS3U)XXX
Advanced Functions (MHF4U)XX
Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U)XX
Data Management (MDM4U)X
Physics 11 (SPH3U)XXX
Physics 12 (SPH3U)XXX
Chemistry 11 (SCH3U)XX
Chemistry 12 (SCH4U)XX
Biology 11 (SBI3U)XX
Biology 12 (SBI4U)XX


For other courses, please email info@tiaschools.com

     Please click HERE to register
     You can register in person at our Mississauga location
     You can register by phone by calling (905) 615-1011
     You can send an email to info@tiaschools.com

     A copy of the student report card or transcript for proof of prerequisite requirements.

     A piece of photo ID, such as a Student ID, Driver’s License, or Health Card.


Our Summer school and Night School courses are equally recognized by all Universities and Colleges in Canada and worldwide. There will be no disadvantages to your university admission.

An Ontario Official Report Card with a final grade will be issued and sent to your Guidance Counsellor upon the successful completion of each course.

TIA reserves the right to cancel a class if there is an insufficient number of students registered. However, all efforts will be made to run the courses for our students. In the case of cancellation from our end, a full refund will be made to the student.